Is there a minimum order size?

Yes, we have a minimum order of 20 boxes. We are able to offer our service for smaller orders but the price may be slighter more.

Are boxes kosher or halal friendly?

We are able to source items for these boxes, and we are able to offer boxes for special celebrations.

How can I check dietary requirements?

If you have a concern about certain items in your box before you order please let us know and we can resolve this.

How do I place an order?

You can complete our online request form or if you would like a PDF booking form we can send one out to you.

Can I get enquire/get a quote before ordering?

Yes of course, if you need to slightly change the contents of the boxes we can do this and our team will be happy to liaise with you.

Do I have to order online or can I speak to a member of staff live?

We love to speak to people so you are more then welcome to call, or if you are short of time just complete online and we will contact you if we have any questions.

Can I specify a delivery date?

Yes, we will place this with our couriers.

Can we request content to be sourced if it is not available on the website?

We are always up for a challenge so please get in touch!

What alcohol alternatives do you have?

We have Mocktails, soft drinks or alternatively hot beverage sachets.

Are these only suitable for large/ corporate companies?

We can custom boxes for any event. We are trying to stay away from one off hampers as there is so many companies out there that we want to do something different.

Are the boxes fit to go through a letter box?

We are developing this now as we have had quite a lot of demand so watch this space

Are there different sizes of boxes?

For the ones on our web site they are a standard box size but we are able to supply boxes for anything from a bottle of champagne to a USB stick to a picnic hamper.

Do you offer discounts or deals on larger orders?

Yes, the more you order the more we can negotiate, however the margins are quite tight on certain items, but we will always try and accommodate your budget.

Can I provide a gift message?

We would love you to. We can insert this while packing. There is a small fee for this insertion so speak to our team.

Do boxes come in different colours?

Yes they are available if you order 50+. We can print on them as well for additional fee.

Are we able to create a completely new/ personalised/ individual box as well as it content?

Yes we would love you to, coming from events background this is what we thrive on…..something different. We own a printing company so all logos and printing is done in house which gives us security that the job is done and also flexibility that we can make last minute changes if needed.

Can you change content on an individual basis or do you have to bulk order the same type of box?

Our aim is to send out unique tailor made boxes in bulk orders to employees and clients and therefore the majority.  For bulk orders we are able to tailor make your box. Our web site shows some of the most popular.

How are boxes differentiated for different recipients?

We have a logistics manager that will work with you to make sure that certain boxes have certain items in.

Can we personalise/ brand content inside box?

We would love you to, and this is what we think this product is all about. Your employees/ clients want to receive something that has been given a bit of thought.

Can I personalise the content of the boxes?

Yes you can personalise the outside, the contents and any messages that you would like to send as well.

Can we provide content for the boxes ourselves eg company branded objects?

We realise that many corporate clients have existing marketing collateral that they might want to provide, so yes we can include speak to our logistics team about this.

Where do you deliver?

UK mainland with 72 hour delivery and we can deliver overseas price on application.

Will I receive notification the box has been dispatched?

Yes once the courier as picked up the package, the recipient will receive notification and tracking details direct from the courier company.

How quick is the delivery/ what is the delivery time frame?

We offer 72 hour delivery to UK and Eire on orders placed on a Monday – Friday if all stock items and available. Due to Covid some of our suppliers are finding it hard to replenish items as quickly as they usually would.

Do you do weekend deliveries?

We are able to offer this service again for an additional fee, surcharge is an extra £12.50 + VAT.

Can we deliver on a special day?

Yes any working day, subject to items in stock. The more notice we have the better.

Will personal details be saved for future marketing/ advertising?

As with GDPR regulation we will not store, sell on or use personal data that we receive.

Are my personal details/ recipient details shared with anyone else?

No we only use the data for the delivery to the courier companies who all comply with GDPR as we do.

What do we do if we have issues on the day w box content/ QR code?

Speak to our customer services help desk or drop us a line on…

I’m having trouble with my order where can I get support/ help?

You can give us a call on our help line 020 8830 5959 or email us on

What makes them a ‘party box’?

We want it to be fun. We want the recipient to open it and know that someone has thought of them and not just given then a box of chutney or some weird jam that they will give to their mother. Its says what it does on the box.

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